Random Reminders for your First Date

So weekend has finally arrived, you are all pepped up to have a getaway with your date. After your constant groveling in front of her and by the thousands messages exchanged between the two of you. You have finally got the date, she has agreed to go on a cup of coffee with you.

Half of your Job is done, but the better and tougher half still  remains.

Though I don’t have much expertise in this area but thanks to the thousands of YA genre novels, dating blogs, a little of my personal experience and most importantly my horrible HORRIBLE friends. I have got some idea about how a first date should go.

Please don’t expect anything miraculous to happen after reading this, because you are still you. So read it as a guide of what not to do on your first date.

1.Be yourself,….but not too much

Yup, it may sound strange to hear because girls always say that they like the guy to be himself and don’t want any pretends.(even girls don’t know what they want, half of the things that they want in a guy comes from some crappy romantic novel or movie) But you know what you are, and you know that if you portray yourself as really yourself then there might be chances for you not getting a second date or even better, she might run from there only. Like in my  case I cant be my real self to any  sane girl because the last time I was being myself I made a girl cry. And I still don’t know what was the reason for it.

I am not saying to just fake yourself but don’t show your living room habits here. Remember its a date.

 2.Get rid of that ugly beard, that you think is cool

Sorry bro, you are not Dan Bilzerian. That bloke has money and a huge chunk of it. So even if he covers his fair with hairs, girls would come flying to him. But you are a cheap being, who has to collect pennies to have your evening chai (or sutta). So just get rid of that ugly thing on your face. If you are not 100 percent sure of your beard, just peel it off right now.
Girls(most of them) like clean shave guys, so play a safer game and be a chikna.

P.S- I know my beard is fucking ugly but I don’t think I am going on a date for about a month.

3.While on the date Don’t even think about checking other girls

After so much hard work and toil you have got this date, so don’t just blow this one off by checking out some other hot chick strolling nearby. This is most insulting thing that you can do to a girl. If she catches you by chance, that point is the end of your date. And it will not end here, girls talk, and they talk a lot. So that news will spread like wildfire and you may not get any future dates because you have been awarded the title of the “Pervert of the Town”.

 4.Complement is the key to a second date

Its not optional or an obligation, it’s a compulsion, it is mandatory, you have to   give a compliment to her when you meet her. Probably, you think that like guys they just put on the first thing that they see on their wardrobe, but its not so.
If she has agreed to go on a date with you, she would probably have tried to look her best in front of the guy. So appreciate her hard work and do complement her.

P.S- Here I mean complement her. Please refrain from any cheesy Hindi poetry or shayri. Keep it subtle.

 5.Be a good listener

It goes without saying that listening to her is very important. Though her talks are numbing your brains out but keep patience and listen to her. Girls think that you are a good listener but in reality you were just recalling yesterday’s REAL VS BARCA match, muting all her blabberings.

 6.Be Humorous……. not a Clown

Girls like guys, who have a good sense of humorous and could tickle their funny bone. But they don’t want a comedy show, throw some jokes here or there but don’t make your evening a laughter riot. Talk about something like your passions or ambitions so that you could connect to her.

P.S- Cracking a lot of jokes will friendzone you forever, personal experience speaking here.

 7.Choose a place carefully…..

This task is very  important which you have to plan prior to the date. I know a movie sounds romantic, a pub sounds electric but the thing is its still your first time. So don’t experiment anything new, just settle down for a quiter place like a coffeehouse with soft music. So that you can have some quality time with her. If you know her preferences then you  can try anything new, but if you don’t know her much, just play it safe.

PS- This is a tried and tested method, you can never go wrong with CCD or Barista.
Just don’t plan a date in gol gappe vendor like me, when you have no other place to go, it can go horribly wrong.

So these are just some reminder. They are not any expert opinions. Dating does not have a hard and fast rule. Respect your date, give her time, and leave the rest to God.

If it works, good for  you. If it doesn’t good for her (kidding).

Comments and Suggestions are most welcome.


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