Why Do I Love Batman???

“Its not who you are underneath, but its what you do that defines you”

One of the quotes from Batman Begins.

So we all love Batman apparently, he is supercool with all his beyond the future gadgets, one of a kind rides and who can forget the epic “THE BAT” his private glider.

Batman is among the most loved superheroes at present and the main reason for this huge fan following can be credited to Christopher Nolan for the epic BATMAN TRILOGY. This man really knows how to make a movie. I mean seriously, he took to the depths of the characters like no one else. There has been many attempts at making a sensible Batman movie but they have failed miserably at the screen. If you don’t believe me just google some of the older batman movies. Man, they are shit.

But it was not Mr. Nolan who made me fall in love with him, it was just the sheer motivation of the Batman character itself. In my childhood days I used to watch all kinds of superheroes series(I still do somewhat) and they inspired me to be like them. I even used to watch Shaktimaan but with all his moral teachings in “Choti Choti magar Moti baatein” kind of wearied me out and I stopped watching it.

I watched Superman, Spiderman, He-man, Swat Cats, Max Steel, you can say all the superhero shows that were on Cartoon Network but I was not able to connect with any of them because there motive was not strong enough for me, like why would a man who has been bitten by a spider would want to save a city. Just because you have powers; is it then an obligation to become a superhero. It was preposterous.

But Batman, he was a tech savvy person, an excellent detective, with great combat skills. He had all the things that one could acquire by training or other means. He was just an ordinary person though extravagantly rich, but still a human. And to top it all he never used a gun, and would never kill in order to prevent crime that just raised the bar to a whole new level. For every villain he had to use a different strategy because every villain would have his own different tactics. It was not like Superman that he would swoop in with his super strength and save the day. He had to rely on his humanly abilities only.

I admired him so much that one day at school when teacher asked me what would you want to become in future. I just blurted “I want to be Batman.” I got no appraisal for my honesty though, but she surely complained to my parents that I watch too much Cartoon.

His dark shady persona was something that really fascinated me. All the others characters were little comic or were appreciated for being a superhero but he was a true vigilante who just wanted to save the city.

I have watched the Dark Knight Rises about 89 times and I still love this movie no matter what. Though the second part in the trilogy was better than it but there was no Batman in it, it was all about Joker.(portrayed excellently by the legendary Heath Ledger)

Even the cartoon series was much better than other series at that time, his distinctive style of keeping a secret identity is just amazing.

When people ask me what is the ultimate aim of your life though I would say that maybe I want to be  a great scientist, a known author and help poor people. But deep down, the child inside me still want to be the BATMAN(just kidding…..or maybe not).

P.S:- Do watch the new trailer of Batman vs Superman Movie, its just amazing.  

Bane- You came back to die with your city.

Bat- No, I came back to stop you.
(Just wanted to post this)


8 thoughts on “Why Do I Love Batman???”

  1. Nicely written .The description of parts of the movie which means a lot to the common man are perfectly done.Let all those who admire Batman and his deeds should develop a Batman like soul inside their heart. A movement or awareness must be developed among the lovers of the trilogy.

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