A Review on JBL Pulse

JBL Pulse
JBL Pulse

So this time we have a new member in our family, or in our flat you can say. This new member is really tiny, a loudmouth and very colorful.

NO, NO I am not talking about a hippie who has become my flat mate. I am talking about the JBL Pulse, a really tiny Bluetooth speaker. And yeah its not mine but belongs to one of my other roommate, though not as tiny as the Pulse.

As of now it has an MRP of 14000 INR in the market.

But thanks to the generosity of Flipkart; he got a pretty good deal which cost him around 8000.

So talking about the specs of this speaker. Though you might have already googled the specs but still:-

  • 1.0 channel (Yes, its not stereo configuration)
  • 1 Micro USB port for charging the device (No travel Adapter given, just a USB cable)
  • USB port for Flash Drive support
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 3.5mm audio jack (AUX cable included in the package)
  • The Device also has NFC support at the base of the set, so if your phone is NFC enabled, you can pair it much easily.

Talking about the design of the device, it is cylindrical in dimension, with slanted corners. The whole body has a rubberized texture which feels quite good while holding. The speaker grille has a matte finish which gives it a premium look.

Now the main USP of the product which sets it apart from other competitors in the segment is its LED show. Its dazzling, mesmerizing, vivid and downright just awesome. The lightning show can be controlled by the capacitive buttons given on top of it. You can change the color, control the intensity and change the visualization setting through these buttons.

The LED show can also be controlled via the JBL Music app on the Play Store or the iOS store. So if you want to remotely control the setting you can have it from your smartphone.(Sorry no option for windows users)

You can also turn off the LED show, doubling the life of your battery. It lasts for about 5 hours if the LED show is ON.

Thank god it has the option of turning it off also because after a while the light show gets trippy.(If you  know what I mean)

Now the main purpose for what you bought this. Its music output and performance. Since this is a JBL product so what you hear is true in every sense. There is no distortion in the output until you max out the device, that is where a little shrill or static creeps in. So keep the volume a notch below the maximum. The Bluetooth pairing is hassle free and the device pairs almost instantaneously. Once you pair the device the volume is controlled through your phone and the volume changing button on the Pulse works as the track changing button.

The device has a fairly good response in the Highs, has an excellent Mid-Range, but it certainly lacks the low punch. So all the bass lovers will be mostly disappointed if you are very much into hip-hop or other bass hugging tracks.

Though you will thoroughly enjoy EDM tracks as it has a very responsive high and mid response. Country music will also be very pleasing to hear. Though it may not have a very loud output but you have to keep in mind the fact that it is a portable speaker running on Lithium ion battery so obviously it cant compete against the likes of huge stereo or surround speakers. But it has ample power to fill up a room.

Though on online forums I have read that it gives a superior output when it is connected through an AUX cable but in my personal experience I saw that it performs much better when paired as a Bluetooth. Now that depends on what type of device you are connecting, better the audio chip of the device, the better output you can get from your Pulse.

So who should buy this product??

  • If portability is an important aspect for you.
  • You want a WOW factor as the LED show is really a unique thing in this segment, no other device has this option.
  • You want true music, no bass enhancement or other modified outputs.
  • You are ready to invest that much.

Verdict:- The JBL Pulse is quite good in terms of looks. Has a good frequency response, not for bass lovers. But at a price tag for 14k, it is extremely extravagant. Though you can get it flipkart for around 8-9k but still a little overpriced I think.

PS:- This particular roommate has already started creating rifts among other flat mates because of its loudmouth.


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