Reinforce that Positive Thinking

Life does not go as we planned it. It has its own plans, its own decisions, its own separate mind. We can’t change it, we can’t alter it or manipulate it. We just have to accept all it has for us.

People say that you are in control of what happens in your life. I don’t totally agree with this thought because if that was true then only good things would be happening to us because we always try to do good things, we are not evil at heart then why do bad things keep happen to us.

So we are not actually in control of our life… WHAT THE HECK?? So what should we do then? If we don’t know what type of outcome it will have for us.

The only thing that we could do is keep trying, till God sucks life out of us. And to keep on trying in our life we have to keep that bubble of optimism alive, no matter what happens. We can’t be persistent in our hard work if we always have those negative thoughts pestering us. Just ignite that positive flare inside yourself that everything will turn out just fine at the end. You will succeed in your life one day, you don’t know when; but you will.

You justify your negative thinking to yourself by saying that I am just being practical; but if you  think about it, are you really being practical?? or you are just procrastinating?? Procrastination leads you nowhere, trust me. So give 100 percent to whatever you are doing, I know it easier said than done but just think about it in this way, you know you have already succeeded if you just tried for it. It is yours already.

You will fall, so let yourself, but get up and fight for it again.(Remember the only superpower that Batman have is his ability to never give up and even Superman bowed before him, who is as invincible as GOD). So if you just keep on trying maybe one day you will put GOD to shame and will ultimately grant whatever you ever wanted.

Life is too complicated, too complex, it has too many variables too many constraints. So don’t try to comprehend it just do what you have to do. Keep up your work sincerely and every piece of this complex puzzle will automatically fit into its place.

Actually a week ago all this positive attitude shit didn’t even made sense to me, but it all changed just with a phone call. That phone call was from my mother, she knew something was off and like always she just said “THINK POSITIVE”.

I thought what the heck, nothing is falling in place. My life is falling into an abyss, I don’t where I am heading. I don’t know shit about my future and the only consoling words she had to offer me was “THINK POSITIVE” and over the years whenever I would be depressed or would be confused, she would repeat just those two words to me and I didn’t know, the heck it meant.

But now I do, (or maybe I think I do) because that is the only thing that we could do. Just live in the hope that one day we will also have the taste of success.

And I know that  even for the glimpse of that success I would turn this world upside down.

At Last, I know it is too difficult to keep your mind focused on something but just try to think positive even when you know that you are going to fail, it is a near impossible task, you are not good enough for it but at least just do what you can do, and leave the rest to the Almighty.

P.S:-  First time wrote the whole post in one go. Just a whirlpool of thoughts streaming out of my mind.


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