Real Life Gems
Real Life Gems

So apparently today I am talking about the GEMS of the society. So exactly who are these GEMS, are they those brilliant mind scholars who would revolutionize the way we live, or are they those kind hearted soul who work for the upliftment of the society. Who actually are these GEMS?? Where can we find them??

I will give you a hint. They form a major portion of the society that we live in, you can easily spot them, they are the most frustrated lot of the society. They have to give the maximum input to get a small output. I too am a GEMS.

GEMS are actually:-

      • G- General
      • E-Engineer
      • M-Male
      • S-Single

We are the GEMS of the society. But metaphorically it is ironical, because gems are scarce and we are plenty. All this will not make sense to you as of now; but as you will progress in your life, you will get to have that realization sooner or later.

So why am I talking about it today, how does all of a sudden I have a keen interest in this topic. The most obvious answer for this question could be that I am in the last year of my engineering.

And after this I would be entering a new phase of my life where I would have to responsible, start taking care of my shit, and many other adult stuff for which I think I am not ready yet.

But as I further proceed what makes the GEMS different from the society?

Lets take a look at all the attributes individually:-

We are GENERAL, just on paper and that’s it, half of the story ends here only. India is a land of opportunities they say. But enter the real world and you will see that half of the opportunities are snatched away from you because you are in a way cursed by birth.

I am a RAJPUT by caste, KSHATRIYA by clan, HINDU by religion. So in a way you can say that I belong to the upper strata of the society. But does it matter??

Maybe it will matter when my parents have to match my KUNDLI for a suitable bride (LOL)like being a Rajput is just enough for compatibility. But else than that no one gives two fucks whether you are a KSHATRIYA or a BRAHMIN. We are put in the same lot as all the GENERAL category. But if you just an acknowledge that a person belongs to an Scheduled Category, you will be lynched for being an oppressor of the DALIT.

Let’s leave it here I will not further instigate a controversy in this topic.

But you have to agree, you instantly realize this fact when you fill out any competitive exam form.

Just an example:-

GENERAL- min cutoff 180 out of 200

OBC- min cutoff 130 out of 200

SC/ST- min cutoff 60 out of 200

These are just some random figures I put together.

Now the second attribute:-

Its not bad that we belong to GENERAL category, but to top it all we are pursuing ENGINEERING as a profession. There was a time (probably 90’s I think) when Engineering was a stream of the intellectual novelty, but today if you walk out of your house you will find Engineers by what they say “Kaudi ke bhaav milte hai”.

So how does a typical conversation of an Engineer goes:-

Guy1:- My name is Suresh, I am an engineer.

Guy2:- Oh really, my son is also an Engineer, my other son too, my brother’s son too. Even my maid’s son is also pursuing Engineering. So cut the crap. What do you do?

Guy1:- I am a Systems Engineer in TCS.

Guy2:- Oh what a coincidence, my elder son too. My cousin’s son too, and I know one more guy who is in TCS.

Before Guy2 could ask any more question, Guy1 was already running leaps and bounds ahead of him.

Let me tell you one thing ENGINEERING as such is not a bad career to pursue but the sheer abundance of Engineers in the market, has created a hell lot of ruckus in the market.

It seems that in India you become an Engineer first and then you figure out what to do with your life.

So if you are really interested in Engineering then go ahead, pursue it, but don’t just do it for the heck of it, because let me tell me one thing very clearly even if you get a degree, its not a guarantee that you will get a job because the competition out there is too much. And only good engineers get a decent job.

Now the third attribute is being a MALE. Now please don’t just assume that I am a male chauvinist or an anti-FEMINIST, I support gender equality and equal preference but its just that if you are male then it’s just a little tough to live. Because of the gruesome activities of some douche-bags, the whole community gets defamed and are lynched even if we just accidentally touch a girl/woman in a crowded bus or a local train. I  respect women a lot, I too have a mother, a sister,  female friends. But just because I am walking alone on  dark road with a stranger girl ahead of me, doesn’t mean that I want to assault her or rape her. I know that in the present condition that we live in, precaution should taken but don’t just stereotype men.

And lastly we are single. Isn’t it obvious now?

You are GENERAL.

You are an ENGINEER.

You are a MALE.

So now your chance of being in a relationship have already been reduced to 20% . Also 15% guys from the remaining have either incredibly good looks, or have buttload of money in their pockets or are either doing a diploma(LOL). And the remaining 5% are the lucky few who have found, you know their true love.(Oh! Sweet mother of nature).But the remaining 80% are in a deserted land where no girl even looks upon them. In terms of a relationship boys have a difficult flowchart to follow and it goes like this:-

      1. They want to be in a relationship.
      2. Don’t want to be in a relationship.

If you choose option B then its good but if you choose A then  you have further two more options whether

      1. The girl wants to be in a relationship.
      2. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

If she choose option A then its cool but if she chooses B. Then there are many other flowcharts yet to come.

But this is not the case with the girls they have a simple life with simpler choices:-

      1. They want to be in a relationship.
      2. Don’t want to be in a relationship.

(Yeah!! I know men are really desperate)

If she choses option A then good for her, and if she choses option B then again good for her.

So in short; date a GEMS(for GIRLS only ). We are not that weird you think but due to limited interaction with humans and more interaction with soul-ripped profs, we are a little devoid of emotions but deep inside we are good people.

At last, the GEMS community is an oppressed, depressed and many other ‘sed’ society. We are cornered , but that is the thing that pushes us further to test our limits.

Also I didn’t wanted to offend anybody by means of this post.

And for those of you who are offended, please consider it as drunk rant. And when has ever a drunkard made sense….. RIGHT??

P.S- thank you for reading the post till the end and not just scrolling down to see if any masala news comes at last. A comment on the post would be highly appreciated.


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