The Big GoodBye

So the whole Valentine thing has came to an end. The curtain is now falling down of this big extravaganza, but behind those curtains, I think the main drama starts. And this big drama is of breaking up of those relationships.

Well, at one point of time all the good things come to an end, and in this cruel life we all have to deal with all these nuances.

Statutory warning:-  Please note that these are just some of the random things that apply to some of the situations of some of the people. Please don’t take this post as a manual to handling these situation because each individual has his own way of tackling these things.

  1. So your relationship has finally came to an end. You are no longer in talking terms with him/her. So be sure that you have broken up and don’t talk with her/him. Like you maintained the dignity of the relationship. Maintain the dignity of the breakup too, don’t go back trying to clarify things, it will only mess up the situation. A breakup is a breakup.
  2. Get rid of all the souvenirs that remind you of it. All the gifts that you exchanged, either hide them in a closet or better yet donate them(and in extreme situations burn them). Don’t just keep it in plain sight, it will just bring back all the good old memories which you will try to cherish, but don’t. Just don’t. Understand that the breakup was for a reason, and remember that reason whenever you think of getting back together.
  3. You can drown all your sorrows in the glass of a BACARDI. Well that’s the biggest myth that people will tell. Its because of the fact that when you are intoxicated, all your emotions get magnified exponentially. If you are happy then you become too happy and if you are sad, then you are doomed in sorrow. So if you get drunk then you will surely want to make a drunk call to you ex. And for that my advice would be “Please, don’t do it.” because lets say you make the call, and by God’s grace maybe you both are even back together. Then what, the same differences would arise because you don’t know what promises you made on that drunken night.(remember that episode from friends where ROSS gets back together with RACHEL without even reading the letter) well that would happen to you. And this time it would be a lot more messier.
  4. Talk to you friends about it, with whom you are really close. Because we all have that built up frustration about the other person, so get it out. The sooner the better. You want to cry about it, then go ahead and do that, cry as much as you want. But promise yourself to never cry again for the same person, and always remember that person who put you in that pathetic condition.
  5. When I say talk about it. It doesn’t mean you have to bitch about it too. Don’t go talking to his/he friends or family members about how unfaithful he/she or whatever the reason you broke up for. You may like telling it that time but in the long run. It will come back to you only, because you also know that at one point you will get over it. But whatever you said during those times will stick to you forever.
  6. Don’t go replacing the gap in your heart with another person.

    “Bhai 1 gayi to dusri ayegi”

    this is the most common dialog you will get as consolation when you say something about it to your testosterone high friends.

    “Well dusri ayegi, definitely ayegi, but apne time pr”

    don’t go looking for him/her instantly in desperation. Because first of all you will look disgustingly desperate and second of all it will not lead to anywhere, because rebound relations may look good in reel life but not in real.

  7. The best way of taking your mind of these things is to find a new hobby. I know it sounds a little repetitive of all the blogs, if you have read any. But man, it really works. You like reading books then stock up some of the good books for the weekend. You like travelling, so just go somewhere spontaneously. At least after a breakup, you should go out on a trip with your friends.

    #heavystuff #sarcasm


P.S:- In a way all the things that I have told above are shit. Because you will go through all sorts of crap in your mind while going through a breakup, but by following the above at least, your situation will not worsen. Remember, we all will have to go through that tunnel of depression but you will have to make that journey, but at the other end you will surely find your light.

P.S.p.s:- No characters in this whole post has been derived from any real life characters. Any resemblance to any real life character is purely coincidental.


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