The Day of Doing Nothing


So it has been almost a year since I have shifted to Bangalore (or Bengaluru as rightly said), the abode of all the people working in the IT sector.

Bangalore, is a great city to live in, like really. It has that hip fast paced life, along with cultural heritage still sort of intact, good food and to top it off, the GREAT BANGALORE WEATHER. I mean its lovely out here than to any other city i have been to. Work is also going good for me i guess, I get to do what i actually wanted to do.

So all in all everything is going good. I still have contact with my college friends with whom i meet on weekends, go out have fun. I have been to many places in an and around Bangalore which has been great. I even bought a new bike that I always wanted since my childhood.

Like all my friends who are working, my life has also become an endless series of deadlines, project deliveries, weekend getaways, having a drink or two at a pub and thats it. Even though it sounds great on paper, but after sometime you get the monotony of it.

Its like I am always planning on something, whether for a project or searching places to go on a weekend. Even the weekends feel like a hectic schedule where I have catchup with friends, do some domestic errands, go to grocery and all.

So today i.e. Monday, my alarm goes off. I once again wake up to do all that stuff again. I went to the washroom, and looked myself up in the mirror. And realized, i have become that typical 9-5 guy. I felt like VED from TAMASHA (it is watchable, i know many will not agree) who does this same routine everyday. Even though it sounds very corny,  but it seemed I was SAMVED of my own TAMASHA. The TAMASHA which goes the whole week for me.

Suddenly I decided, I don’t want to go to office today. Even though my project is going at a very critical stage. I thought FUCK IT, i will always be in a project that will always have a tight deadline. So i dropped a mail to my manager that I wont be coming to office today, switched off my phone and went to sleep.

I know you will think that all this whole buildup was just a lame excuse for me to get a day off at work, and in a way you are right, I just didn’t feel like going office today. I slept till 3.30 in the afternoon, and when i woke up. I went to the balcony and saw the stillness in the atmosphere outside. The stillness that we are not able to see in our 9-5 job because we in our Air Conditioned cubicles working our ass off to meet some foreigner’s project requirements.

Its like we are always planning something ahead of us, whether even its free time. We plan what we have to do. And when i was lying on my sofa overlooking the view from my balcony, I felt that feeling when you don’t to do anything, plan anything, schedule anything. You just want to sit on that sofa lazily and let everything else go haywire, you want to break that monotony in your life.

Then it suddenly hit me, why i am feeling such way, that too after almost 1 year of having a job. I have not been writing anything for the past 1 year, no blogs, not my unfinished novel, nothing,ZILCH, ZERO.

So i took out my laptop and saw where i last left my novel, and wrote at least something and promised myself to keep writing.

And with so much going on in my mind, I was not able to hold off the thoughts in my head, so i decided to write down this piece, just for nothing.

And you know what,,, It felt really good to write after such a long time.

PS:- I still have to go to office tomorrow, and its 10.46 on my watch and my whole day, i literally did nothing, no errands, not even bathing, NOTHING.

So when are you planning your day of doing nothing.




One thought on “The Day of Doing Nothing”

  1. Every one needs some time off the busy schedule to maintain their mind space. We are often so lost and caught up in our work that we forget to take care of the only person that matters- we ourselves.
    Btw Nice article.

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